Dongyeop Kang
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I'm interested in developing human-centered language technologies.

Our group's current research is focused on building human-centric NLP systems, by learning from human perception, interaction with humans, and disagreements among humans:

  • We capture human perception through survey-based explanation or eye movements, and build cognitively-inspired NLP models.
  • We develop interactive and collaborative human-AI systems and improve productivity/creativity of scientists and creative writers.
  • We computionally model disagreement among human annotators/speakers with different backgrounds and develop more inclusive NLP systems to learn everyone's voices.

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See the full list of students and collaborators in Minnesota NLP group. We also co-organize bi-weekly NLP seminar. If you like to join us, please read this page. NOTE: If you are already being advised by someone, please talk to your advisor first and ask them to contact me.

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